Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pestle mortar valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Mortar pestle natural scenic valley" in the Ming Tombs, about 4 kilometers to the northwest. In the rough winds of 3 km inside the gully, around the plants, rocks Perfect Mount, a strong distribution of the Wild, mortar pestle rocks on both sides of the valley stand like a wall, a water flow and, therefore, Beijing North "Three Gorges". Wedding day trips 4 - on 10. Landscape At the "Welcome Music" and "high stratosphere Gap", "Kim Gap Sheng Jing" and "Valley of the Longtan" 4-part, to watch more than 50 points. From the scenic South Gate, 3,000 meters long in the valley clear sound of flowing water sounds, water hit with stones, such as strings struck greet visitors, go a long way "echo around the Valley three days" wonderful, high-Gap It is ecstatic. Kim Gap Shengjing the most attractive landscape in the region, when a narrow canyon when the wide, wide Cheongdam Pianpian Department, the water flow slowly; Department Podou narrow stream urgency, towering cliffs, and worthy of the Three Gorges match. Longtan travel to Valley, Tan Bian in the smooth rocks on sat on the floor, Song Zhi peaks, exotic plants and flowers do in the video Cheongdam in the mirror. Saying: "sitting on the banks of the Longtan, the public face of the mountain, and want to know interest here, all of the Longtan." You can rest if the farmers living room, eating rice farmers. Standard room and board about 40 yuan per person per day. Traffic: Changping by direct mortar pestle valley of the small end of the 5 way to get off that. Tickets: 20 Students 10 yuan.

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