Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hu Yu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu Yu natural scenic area 40 km away from Beijing, is located in Changping county seat 12 kilometers north-west, covering an area of 90 square kilometers, the highest peak 1060 meters. You Shui Sau Valley area, Dong Jing deep, pleasant seasons, the ancient Yanjing, one of the Eight, "Hu Yu Jin-hui," landscape. There are around Ming Ming Tombs, the groove scenic cliffs, old miniature Beijing Park, and other attractions. Scenic mountains above Lake Hu Yu Red House Resort, the resort can accommodate 200 people stay at the same time, there are natural beach and restaurant, barbecue, evening bonfire and other tourism projects. Cents per cent of the original World of God inside of the four scenic areas including: the dinosaur era, the primeval forest area, pythons area, and On behalf of the ape-man zone. Dinosaur era reproduction of the world's image of the dinosaur extinction has been, feeding the plant-eating dinosaurs, the meat of the fighting dinosaurs, flying pterosaurs, are vivid, lifelike. Towering old trees in virgin forest in the region, rattan rock climbing, waterfalls, tigers, cheetahs, black bears, lions, animals such as gorillas and Health One. Pythons in the region in the bushes, rocks and tree pythons of different colors all over. Ancient ape-man show areas of the ancient man Zuanmuquhuo, manufacturing stone tools, hunting group, moved to a tree by land, by wearing animal skin and leaves were gradually transformed into the whole process. World raw modern sound, light, electricity and technology and life-like image Ruhuan the visitors into a dream, the magic of the original Piaomiao times. Admission: 15 yuan

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Ojalanpoika said...

Sure the ancient (wo)man saw them:

They are documented not only in the classic books from the antiquities, but also as drawings, mosaics, bronze seals, cave paintings and even in garments from South America.

Pauli Ojala
Helsinki, Fine land