Friday, February 6, 2009

Marco Polo Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Marco Polo Bridge is located 15 km southwest of Beijing Fengtai District on the Yongding River, 10 km away from the Guang'An Men, Beijing is the oldest stone arch bridge Alliance, was founded in 29 years Dading Kim (1189), built in Gold Mingchang in 3 years ( 1192). As early as 700 years ago by the Italian traveler Marco wave Introduced to Europe and the world-famous, when Marco Polo is from here to enter Beijing's. 266.5 m long bridge East and West, North and the South 7.3 meters wide, with the entire structure Whitehead, 11 Bridge, the bridge pier 10; River Bridge are two stone tablets: a record 37 years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1698 AD) After the Marco Polo Bridge repair; another seat is pro-Qing Emperor Qianlong of the title "Lugouxiaoyue" 4. "Lugouxiaoyue" yes "Yanjing Eight", Xiao Yue to look at dawn, standing on the bridge, overlooking lean on a railing, Pinnacle Western Hills, charming moonlight. There are 281 bridges on both sides of the white marble railings, each has carved stigma Sophisticated, varied expression of the lions, or Jingwo, or play, or rear its ugly head, there are many small lion, or lion in the climb back, or cuddle in the below-knee lioness; the size of which a total of 501 stone lions were carved in gold , Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties of the four, if visitors interest, we might as well just tell you what they own. 1937 July 7, the Marco Polo Bridge sounded the banks of the first sound of the anti-Japanese national liberation war in this celebration. In 1987, "the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall," the official opening. On the steps of the memorial is a 4 meters high art of sculpture ----" wake lion, "symbolizing the bravery of the Chinese nation indomitable national spirit. Tickets: 10 yuan transport: Bus route up to 309,339

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