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Gubongsan scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gubongsan, 3315 meters above sea level. Pengzhou is Zhushan Asia, the mystery of the sacred area, Road Buddhist place to share. The statements were Dachaoshan old, Fan Xin Cheng is not often encountered lightning storms, may not survive or may not hospice.

Jiufeng name, in accordance with the above-mentioned peaks 9. Chia-ching, "Peng County," set: "In the Northwest Bailiu , According to Qi to this day, Zhi Song Ran out to nine, actually ranks first in Pengyizhushan, named. "Jiufeng how to shape? Chia-chi said:" North-East Jiufeng Bai Long, Suzaku, the flame, tooth-day, back in the day, said Southwest immortal, Huang Yuan-wu, White Tiger Zhu Feng, Yi Li wind. "

Jiufeng cloud Around, high into the sky. In the ancient Shu people did not realize the Sun-Earth relations, is also high and steep that the tall and straight Jiufeng blocking the sun and running the road between Canyon Jiufeng said "the day into" the "muddle-Valley" (dormancy of the sun) . Research (Book of Mountains and Seas "said Gubongsan on" Da Huang W) referred to in " Hill. "Wu Peng, Wu Wei, Wu namely, Wu shares, regardless Wu, Wu Zhen, Wu Li, Wu arrived, and Wu Tse, Lo Wu and so on from here on dozens of witches in the world. Kinds of drugs are growing Here, they are on to the world, also) the way some of the gathering to treat people. Therefore, the Shan and "Ladder" and "God Road "and" fairyland on earth. "Shan said that this is" Hope is on the board, "and" God is on the board, "" Deng's death could, "" The board could wind and rain "and" drug production die " Mountain.

  Many peaks, the flame was particularly strange peak. During deep canyon, Fei Bao groups, clear Artesian Bore Baths Yun-do into a primeval forest colorful splendor, the For Guang unpredictable sea of clouds; spring when the azaleas in full bloom, Asaka Canruo winter when the red-loaded wrap, especially enchanting. Dover Road, both with each other occupied. During the Northern Song Dynasty is a "loft Ting Hin, bamboo trees looming between the" resort in western Sichuan. Feng became a flame on behalf of the Gubongsan said. Later said Gubongsan 9 was not referring to the summit, but the peak Huoyanshan.

  Many Shenseng history, the sages of this world are stopped. Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties have been circulating Jiufeng founder of the story. Gubongsan in the past so that the Government and the people fear, seems to be sincerely seeking Dachaoshan things, to defend the public misfortunes, rain without Qiuzi, and so there is no . Its temples are different from other materials. Temple in the mountains too much iron Giant Watt, during the Great Leap Forward has become the ideal raw material for steel-making Legislative Council.

Since 1985, Hill has been the development of provincial-level natural scenic spots, the resumption of an active religious temples, is unlimited Gubongsan add luster.

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