Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wang Cong Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Cong Temple is located in the southwestern city of Chengdu in the northwest Pixian, 2 km from the town, 23 km away from Chengdu. Wang Cong tourist spots in the main temple, including "Journey to the West Palace Art" and "laser guns on the battlefield", "Liang Shan Shui Bo" and other tourism projects. Has become a new tourist destination. Wang Cong is a shrine to commemorate the two countries Shu Wang Di of the monarchy and the cluster of Dili cemetery and buried together Ciyu, rebuilt in recent years. Tomb temples, around the pool, ocean waves. Water potential to build on the "rice-Sun House," and "listen to the House giraldii" Rendezvous Pavilion. Around the cemetery and more than 200 strains of Cooper dies gray. Chinese Dragon Boat Festival each year, in the vicinity of people have gathered here to give "Song of the race will be." Song of the tournament will be large-scale, the large number of participants are ordinary civilians, with a strong local flavor, a warm scene. Wang Cong-yunting also near the temple, the tomb of Yang Xiong and azaleas on tourist attractions such as the remains of the city.

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