Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Guyuan mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guyuan is mainly inhabited by the Hui nationality in China and one of the region-wide population 1,900,000 people, accounting for 47.8 percent of the population of Hui Nationality. From the Yuan Dynasty, the Hui people in Xihaigu this loess survive on the ground, hard work, spread all over the mosque show its unique national colors. In the current mosque, the Ming Dynasty There are 6, 428 of the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China has years of 615 and the rest were new after the founding of New China, there are an average of 11.46 square kilometers of each mosque. There are more well-known: Chengguan Pengyang mosque in the north Ng mosque, the mosque River Glass, Haiyuan mosque, the mosque in the village of Nancheng Guyuan area in the history of the mosque, the use of ancient Chinese palaces in the form of construction, the temple ridge uplift, cornices 4, the majestic simplicity, with a solemn silence. Now a new mosque in various forms, but they could not escape the region's geographical and economic conditions, characterized by the most basic simple Paintings carved beams less column, is characterized by an overall thorough, and advocating, and magnificent simple.

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