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Mount Qingcheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mount Qingcheng in Sichuan Province, known as "Dongtianfude" and "fairyland on earth" and "You Qingcheng the world" reputation, is located 15 km southwest of the city of Dujiangyan, 70 km away from Chengdu. Zhu Feng outside the city surrounded by lush trees on the mountain, the mountain road on both sides of the towering old trees, shade cover, surrounded by peaks, evergreen the four seasons, named Qingcheng Mountain. Mount Qingcheng Qingcheng Mountain and the former Qingcheng mountain. Hill is a beautiful area before, many cultural relics; mountain mysterious beautiful natural scenery, such as China and the United States Shiwaitaoyuan original.

  Qingcheng Mountain is one of the birthplace of Taoism in China, is a famous Taoist. Taoism Qing three multi-purpose (supernatant, Yuqing, Taiqing) for their own temples named, is said that Taoism enshrined in the Senior's Yuan Shi, Jun Lingbao Road, Lao-day lives outside fairyland. Qingcheng Mountain is the main characteristics of the "quiet", a famous writer Lao She's "a little Qingrong in mind," sighed Qingcheng Mountain, "a surprisingly Qing", is a breath hearts of the people to "drop may not drop, did not want to move the action Green. "

  Qingcheng The main scenic spots are Jianfu Palace, natural picture, Heavenly Master hole Shangqing Gong, and so on. Jianfu Palace is the starting point for mountain travel, was built in the Tang Dynasty, the large, extraordinary tolerance, and the remaining two are Hall of Hospitals. Palace before a stream, surrounded by verdant trees and beautiful environment. Qing Ming is on the left side of Princess House site. Natural picture east of the Jianfu Palace Km, is the Qing Emperor Guangxu years, the construction of a Court, Cangyan stand like a wall here, the wind around the clouds, green trees cross-Ying, visitors to this, such as exposure to painting, named "natural picture."


  Natural picture from the West there are two kilometers Qingcheng main temple - Heavenly Master holes. Hole "Heavenly Master" Zhang Ling Road and 30 Sun Jing empty as the Heavenly Master, Heavenly Master Temple was built at the end of the existing hole, the grand-scale, carved, the Zhudian - San Juan Dian-zhong Tang dynasty for stone San Juan, the existing hall in ancient stone and wood tablets are the most famous Tang Xuan purpose of the book monument, Liang Yue Fei before and after the hand-written, and so Inst. There are three islands near the stone, the heart washing pool, Shangtianti Yixian Tian, and other attractions.


  Heavenly Master of holes, too Ning's visit to the bridge, is the Hall of Ancestors, to the north have Chaoyang Dong, Shangqing Gong. Shangqing Gong was built in the Jin Dynasty, the temple to-ching of the existing Tongzhi years, built on a "world famous Fifth," "Qingcheng peak in the first" Cliff stone.

  Qingcheng four : Dongtianrujiu, Dong Tian Gong tea, ginkgo stewed chicken, pickled vegetables Taoism. Taoism has always attached importance to keep in good health to take their gathering in the mountains of fruits and medicines, traditional Taoist secret of making the four specialties, unique flavor.

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