Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Guyuan City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"City", is in the process of the history of Chinese civilization is an important symbol. Guyuan City (Gaoping City) to build the same geographical Guyuan shows the process of civilization and a long history.

Guyuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the southern mountainous areas extraterrestrial, is a historical and cultural city. Guyuan City in the territory of origin has been Two thousand years, the first is intrinsic to the city, and to follow up and development of the city is now the Guyuan city, and left a large number of historical sites, such as the Drum Tower 10 minutes, the Temple Tower Yu, Wen Lan Ge, and so on.

Inner City: around one-third of nine years, high-foot San Zhang, Duokou 1046 Fort 28.

Outside the city: around 13, seven, six-foot-high San Zhang, Duokou 1573; Fort 31.

East Gate 3, which lasted million to build, naming two persons, one-day side door security, security Ning day the door.

South Shing Mun 4, is also During construction, two well-known person, on the town razed.

West Gate 2, which lasted million to build, a well-known person, Weiyuan day.

North, along Shing Mun, Wan Jian-long, the New Moon on Yasukuni.

This is the development and evolution of the Guyuan City in 2000 after the pattern on the final shape. Solid Museum recovery of the Qing Dynasty Guyuan City model is a microcosm of the history of Guyuan City. The large-scale brick package of the original state ranked city, known in the north, north-west region since the Ming and Qing Dynasties into the city.

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