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Cheng Tiansi tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng Tiansi tower, located in the western city of Yinchuan Chengtian Si, known as the "West", the Western Xia Dynasty was the main Buddhist temple. Founded in 1050, now has 900 years of history. Qianlong three years, a strong earthquake severely damaged by the original tower, the existing tower is a 25-year-ching Jiaqing (Year 1820) reconstruction, Retains the style of Western Xia Dynasty style.

Cheng Tiansi sit east of the West, both before and after the composition of the Jinyuan La. Dian Yu Gallery housing, large-scale; front yard is the permitted five-tower and Chengtian Si; a backyard and lying on the permitted Wei Tuo Temple. Ancient times, when Cheng Tiansi "East earth celebrities", "West CHARLES ROBERT" exchanges, incense its peak, visitors do not . 64.5 m-high tower, tall and straight handsome, is an octagonal Zhuanta Miyan Shi, 11 storey tower. Was within a square space, layer 1 to 3 with no Chuangdong; 4 to 10 layers, alternating each set Chuangdong arch, the top floor surrounded by a large round window open, very light and spacious. There may be circling the tower and wooden ladder, the top-level board, Pingchuang Vision , The scenery of the ancient city and the panoramic view of the Frontier. When better weather, but also in the world to see first-line junction of the Yellow River.

  Cheng Tiansi an octagonal tower for a ten-Zhuanta pavilion, 64.5 meters high, the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, 0.5 meters higher. Tower built-in 2.6 meters high, 26 meters long side of the square On the platform. East tower facade, 4.8 meters by the Road into the tower room tickets. Tower Room was a square room on each floor for the interior structure of the wood floors, wooden ladder and circling on. A two-story tower to the side doors and windows voucher-based niche, three, five, seven, nine north-south located next-door voucher windows, floors tower closed at large, between each floor Canopy up and down the edge to single out three teeth brick. Yan Jiao at all levels of pomegranate-shaped iron handle put iron bell, the breeze, clink sound. Tower over a decade to single out a five-storey brick teeth edges and corners, on all sides to build Zanjian Ding brake blocks, its legislation on Peach Tasha green glass. Four, six, eight, ten things to set up multi-layer gate-out windows, set up a four-decade Four dark round window. Modeling the whole tower tall and straight, was cone angle style, simple and quaint.

  Ningxia's Cheng Tiansi tower is the only documented during the ancient pagoda was built. According to the Ming Dynasty, "Koji Xinzhi Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region," it reads: "Chengtian Si Cheng Tiansi in the tower, the pseudo-summer (Western Xia) has been built, 13, the test may have Canbei" he said. " Empress new country Chengtian Si Foding bury bone relic monument "contains: West Xia Jianguo Li Yuanhao after the death of the emperor, empress dowager's not possession for the purpose of" Yu Chen Teng-polar "little emperor Li Jo understanding, security," Jiang Shengshou with, so cases The ancestral hall extension Wing, "in the West Xia Yi-liang were down Saint Jo God Save the first year (1050)" labor of tens of thousands of soldiers, "the five - In the construction and Chengtian Si Cheng Tiansi tower. And Western Regions of Xian Springboard monks Fogu, gold silver outer coffin coffin buried in storage under the tower. St. Xixia Fu Cheng Road three years (1055), again thanks to the Song Dynasty's "Canon" at Temple. Pagoda following the completion of the Uighur inviting Buddhist monk preaching Gordon Block, the emperor and empress dowager always listen to the impromptu Terauchi strong incense, monks can not, at that time and liangzhou Hu Guosi, Ganzhou par Wofo Si, the Western Xia is one of the famous Buddhist holy sites. ??

  Cheng Tiansi tower in the Yuan and Ming period, Binghuo had been an earthquake and hazards, next only the beginning of "a tower-to-deposit alone." Later, the 16th son Ming Zhu Yuan-Qing Zhu Jing Wang Zhan, Repair the temple, the building temples, Cheng Tiansi "the Vatican bell brake" Mingzao Frontier has become one of the eight Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the Ming Dynasty. Qing Emperor Qianlong three years on November 24 (January 3, 1739) earthquake, the tower, all the earthquake destroyed Temple. Cheng Tiansi now see the tower for 25 years Jiaqing (1820) repair, Remain of the original basic shapes of the Western Xia Dynasty pagoda. ??

  Now, Cheng Tiansi People's Government of Tajikistan has been very good protection, and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region as a key cultural unit. Construction of the temple inside the museum, the building of the ancient architecture galleries, a collection of many of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region history, ethnic and military Zhen The relics become a pleasure to watch and important places.

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