Thursday, December 18, 2008

Linxia Nanguan Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linxia Nanguan Mosque is located in the city of Linxia Jiefang Road in the south gate on the south side of the square, near the North Red River, is Linxia Muslims worship the sites for religious activities. Founded in the late Yuan Dynasty, with the subsequent damage with the repair, which has been extended.

Linxia Nanguan Mosque in 1979 by the existing mosque rebuilt from the lobby of the ceremony and Church made up of two parts. For the lobby of the platform, platform 2 m high, the Office of 8 meters high, before the vertical cylinder 10. For the brick church hall, sitting west to east, the former volume after Xieshan Ding-composite structure, around the corridors by 30 columns hold up a large, majestic momentum, with a solemn silence. Yingbi are decorated with reliefs of cement, the ancient Code , Unique.

  The front hall roof repair has three green dome steeple circle, "Wood is holding" and "Moon House", 22 meters high. Mochizuki floor with the top prize, and Aquarius; in the middle of the wood carving there is a take-old Arabic "mantra-ching." Temple construction of the entire collection of classical Chinese architecture built with the Arab In one style, unique design, the grand style, is the East-West cultural blend of renowned crystal.

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