Thursday, December 18, 2008

Changji North Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North Lake is located in Changji in Xinjiang Shihezi NATO Shihezi City, 16 kilometers along Highway 204 to arrive by public transport. The geographical coordinates of latitude 44 � 25'-44 � 27 ', longitude 85 � 4'-86 � 1', an elevation of 400 meters. In 1985, the People's Shihezi in the reservoir area to build a tourist area North Lake Park is named. Has put more than 1000 million to build a promenade, pavilion, water port, equipped with speed boats, cruise ships, motorized water sports, water landing platform to carry out the swimming, boating, surfing, fishing, and other activities. In support of the tourism restaurant and reception facilities, shops have come into being. At present, King Rippling blue waves in the water shuttle boat, the twists and turns of the coastal promenade, scattered pavilions, weeping Yiyi shore, the scene in sway. Contented angler long, blue swimmer off the waves, air gliding birds, fish jumping in the water, one Yuanshanjinshui life. In recent years, when on July 16 before and after the formation of the unprecedented nature "North Lake Festival." Why is the election in the North Lake Festival on July 16 that day, no one said this is why. In fact, was the first by the spontaneous acts of today's unique holiday get-together, to the point that on July 16, 1946 tour of the Yangtze is the Chairman Mao's day, people in this way to Huai martyrs, thanks to the party, thanks to the motherland. Perhaps this is a specific Junken cultural expressions. After all, the vast desert in the past now have such a rich, "Jiangnan beyond the Great Wall," is worthy of a great fighter and later Junken intelligent, hard-working people of all ethnic groups use both hands to create the miracle.

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