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Linxia Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linxia in the valley, flat land, lying south-west, north-east low, from the southwest to the northeast descending, was inclined Basin, an average of 2,000 m above sea level.

Sanin Sichuan Plateau area of precipitation, rain heat in the same quarter, conducive to crops, pasture and forest growth: light-arid areas rich, low rainfall The main crops are wheat, corn, potato, broad bean, the top-five barley, the main cash crops of cannabis, sugar beet, fruits, pepper, herbs category. Linxia broad bean is the traditional advantage of crops, large grain delicious, nutritious, is the main export varieties of grain, color Linxia cannabis soft white matter, for Long Tang Wang famous big apricot then sold to famous Hong Kong.

  Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the famous treasure house of minerals ? ? Qilian Mountains and the intersection of the West Qinling Mountain site, the geological conditions are better. Autonomous territory of China rivers, the Yellow River, Tao River and its tributaries Huangshui big summer Oxford River, Canton, r., three Chahe, Wood River, such as the rule more than 30.

Linxia unique folk customs and culture, its heritage and the many cultural, tourism and natural resources. "Majiayao culture" represented by all types of cultural heritage spread all over, "Mid-level culture" "Qijia culture" as a result of the first discovered and named in Linxia. Museum of Chinese History in the collection of national treasures, "Wang painted" unearthed in Linxia, the River State and China, "colored town" in the world.

  Binglingsi the famous grottoes along the ancient Silk Road, look for victory visit to Cuba, a popular tourist destination of one of the Boundless expanse of blue water, the Pearl Canruo Liujiaxia Reservoir is the Northwest's largest inland dam, known as "Gaoxiapinghu." Yellow River Three Gorges scenery is the singular of a new tourist destination. "When Kazuo Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo," Shi Ji-Xiong Guan, a reference to Yu Chuan, "he guided stone from the plot," the story. "Flowers" Known for its beautiful scenery National Forest Park Chung-ming and Lin Fa Shan Nature Reserve, the country has become a unique tourist attractions.

  Lin Mu period of relative masses live, the more feature rich Islamic culture, all kinds of classical Chinese mosque solution of the Arab architectural style and features in one, John Solemn, beautiful spectacle. Cantonese cuisine in the various types of traditional English food, especially Muslim-style snacks, known in the northwest. River State, "flowers" forceful romantic, folk literature and art is a rare treasure.

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