Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nine of the Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nine of the Longtan River is the source of where the Karamay, located in the scenic city of Karamay he wore with the first - with scenic waterfall in the eastern suburbs. The main scenic spots from about 8 meters high artificial waterfall, falls under the giant dam and a large area around the forest green lawn pose.

  Wind grams of water falls from the trunk of the rapid currents in the middle of the Article dragon of the population smoke, use of water spewing the speed and nature of gravity to form a width of 10 meters of the great falls, falls on both sides of the breakdown of the 8-long mouth water emitted at the same time, pose a huge gallery of water. Falls below a huge rectangular word back to the pool, ocean waves with Tam, Tam things on each side of a Tan Zhong small bridge connecting the island to become giant dam across the thoroughfare. Tam is surrounded by giant granite pavement of the ground, on both sides of the flower bed of roses, marigold flowers, and so even with open slopes are dotted the green lawn of the flowers.

As a foil for the life of 9-long, cross section in the trunk of the dam on Haipo Ingenuity to build a set of antique buildings with a total floor area of about 600 square meters. Who are listed on both sides of the two octagonal hall, located in the middle of the Gate Tower and a pavilion and the entrance tower to connect the promenade at the giant dam on both sides of the promenade is also about 100 meters. Scenic areas, the People's Bank of laying on the ground of red and green and white floor tiles, and beautiful Jie. Several new public telephone booths reflects the designer's thinking of the people-oriented. It stands tall, the street lamps of different shapes so that the night's other nine Longtan have a charm of the whole building painted carved beams and columns, colorful, with strong national characteristics. As a man-made tourist attractions, nine of the tourists attracted to Longtan Great concern, since the completion of attractions, many visitors come every day to visit, take pictures, it has become the pride of the general public in the first del King.

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