Thursday, December 18, 2008

Karamay River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng He, also known as River through Karamay, Karamay in the urban areas in the territory, a very convenient traffic. Karamay City Northeast River from the entry of twists and turns in the city after city across the Southwest into the western suburbs of the reservoir with a total length of 8.51 meters, 15 meters wide river. Friendship Bridge is the gateway to the city of Karamay, Wei of the main cable-stayed bridge, the wind Unique, sophisticated appearance. Gao Gandeng full-bridge using searchlights lighting and color ball, Tower neon tube lights installed, install cable-stayed with running lights, Karamay river into a major attraction. The remaining four traffic bridge which Gerbo Bridge, the bridge Kunlun, the victory of the bridge, and the West Bridge Ring. 15 footbridge and non-motorized bridge in With the river. Karamay River spread of green belts, covering 158,100 square meters, get rid of the lawn, but also planting 4614, respectively, to form a nine Longtan antique building, children's parks, Kunlun small park, the revitalization of the park, small garden and so on for the West On behalf of the five scenic spots, throughout the show gram Mayer Garden. Karamay river is the city of Karamay beautify the environment of the resources of River City is the most important tourism landscape, especially along the river promenade on both sides of the green and 20 different sizes, different form of a bridge in order to give the beautiful scenery and landscape changing Beauty, the city of Karamay into a beautiful landscape .

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