Thursday, December 18, 2008

Longnan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longnan has a long history as early as 7,000 years ago, mankind has evolved. Qin Tongyiliuguo that is, West Road, the old course, Wudu Road and Road identified under the 4-level system of political power. Emperor Yuan Ding six years (AD 111 years), when they set up Wudu County.

  In August 1949, set up in Gansu Province Wudu District from 1950-1951 years to Wudu area, in 1958 changed to Wudu areas, in 1985 changed its name to the Longnan area.

Longnan rich in resources and a wide range of biological resources. Terrain in the region, adequate light and heat for a variety of growth and reproduction of animals and plants to provide independent terrible day . 1758.36 million mu of forest land area has, as many as the natural growth of more than 1300 kinds of species, of which 52 kinds of rare tree species; live in the territory of more than 300 kinds of wild animals, including giant panda, golden monkey, and so on more than 20 kinds of rare animals; there are 1,200 Chinese medicinal herbs Multiple; also Tremella, fungus, Shannon , Hericium, and so on more than 100 kinds of edible fungi and Shanzhen.

  Longnan rich mineral resources. There are lead, zinc, antimony, copper, manganese, gold, silicon, barite, and other metals, 34 non-metallic minerals, minerals to 445. In the region rich in hydropower resources. There Jialing River, Bailongjiang, White River, Han of the four major river systems, large and small rivers in 3760, in runoff 27,900,000,000 cubic meters, accounting for about one half of the province.

Longnan beautiful, a good tourism resources. Ocean County, Yan Bo Tang Tianchi vast, Wudu Yousui wide hole in Vientiane, Kang Xian Lin plum green tea Nature Reserve County chicken into a vast gray-san, a beautiful beach three Hui County, when the two old Zhang Guo-filled clouds, as well as the narrow West Cliff Song, Qi Shan Temple Lixian, West and the site of the country Chou Chi, Yin Ping Road, Dangchang shop hada Red Army memorial And a number of natural scenic, far and near is a premier tourist destination, tourism is no vacation Place.

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