Thursday, December 18, 2008

According to Austrian Tucker Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Austria is located in scenic areas according to Tucker grams of Artux City, capital of 127 kilometers, according to Tucker Austria Akto County town 22 km south-west, 2820 meters above sea level. Unique natural landscape here is refreshing. "According to Austrian Tucker," Kirgiz language means "mountain basin," forest landscape with nine other public Nagel peak Backed, in particular, the annual summer Songtao rolling, luxuriant fragrant grass, brilliant Yamahana, listen to Parus forward, Braun's singing, despite the cool breeze blowing gently better person Kim Jong Heart. That side of the mountain Fei Bao, such as training for the silver, while the opposite when they see avalanche roaring down, as Wei-like view of the scenery. Nature's expression of the sum of static and dynamic, flexible and just This blend perfectly in accordance with the Austrian Tucker stunning scenic areas. According to Tucker Austrian tourist areas of a scene is very dense virgin forest, the vast gray fir, juniper Zhetianbiri Park, the ground floor of grass dotted with numerous flowers between the pine cone, pine residual abnormal mellow. The Sound forest birds, squirrels in the branches to jump jump . According to Austrian Tucker unique scenic Silver Fox, flash snow, leaves Xiasi unlimited. According to Tucker Austrian tourist area of lofty snow-capped mountains is a surprising under the modern glaciers, this area of about 224.8 square kilometers by the name of the county-border activities of the Austrian glacier that is, according to the source of the River Tucker. The snow-capped mountains high above sea level For the 6678 meters, the snow-capped mountains as holy water day and night activities to add ice water, melting glaciers supply activities of the Austrian river water, according to Tucker. Glacier silver on the formation of a rift article, like cutting Fupi; Taotao in the flow of glaciers on the impact of a huge ice cave, like a charming Crystal Palace. Came here from time to time, "carbazole Kacha "loud noise, people walking on the glacier there is a soul-stirring feeling. Austria according to a special scenic Tucker is the Feipu snow-capped mountains, into its Kela Zi, almost all have Yamaguchi falls." Fei Liu down three Qian Chi, suspected Galaxy nine days off. "Some time off when it resumed, some gossamer thin if, when the time is hidden Only snow-capped mountains and glaciers of an interchange like a Yinlong, from the top of the snow-capped mountains to fly from Chung, Tandi direct, unpredictable ice cave at Melaleuca stacked snow, water fluoride gas heavy atmosphere, the thundering sound, Wei For the spectacular. Tucker will be in accordance with Austrian scenic snow-capped mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, avalanches, the grass rubbing together, and the slope Flocks of sheep and herdsmen of the Kirgiz Zhanfang round, so that this great holy virgin land full of natural beauty, there is no trace of artificial media-cut and polish the marks are all pure and natural. No wonder there are so many domestic and foreign tourists are attracted to and in order to access its Rongse watch his innocence.

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