Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shihezi Nanshan scenic area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanshan at Shihezi scenic spot about 80 kilometers to the south, Yu Mo Tian. Here the road back to the song, steep mountain terrain, vertical and horizontal Valley, has Shiqianfeng soo, towering trees, Shihezi is a tourist destination. Nanshan in the stone market in the hinterland, a year-round spring roll Chung, spit-spraying Zhu river, it seems like Yin Ling from the Linha will amount Ga Seoul After the ditch on the gurgle out in countless Stephen, the river, into the waterfall, turn around the West in the East Chongshan fold, from small size, by the waves to the Tao, while the Pentium, which is home Ning River. Ning Valley home covered with the original tsugae, a forest village, spread in different parts of the mushroom-like yurts, decorated in the Bi-feng of Pinnacle. Cattle Marsh, river horse drink, live water by the warm hospitality of the Kazakh herdsmen. This kind of tourists will be invited into the Zhanfang a taste of authentic ethnic flavor of butter tea with milk MA ...... breast to a visit here will feel into the embrace of nature. Nanshan from the field to the stone went Donggou I am too small ditch mine can hear the faint sound of the thunder from the horizon, the air was also very humid. Xunsheng around, you will find that it was not thunder, but the use of the temple Mongolia at the end of the diversion canal or water caused by the artificial waterfall issued by the roar. Stand falls below shows clear spring Yihong, appear out of the blue, blue day , Flying Ock, seems like snow clouds, you can not help but have a "three thousand feet down Fei Liu, the suspect is the Galaxy nine days off," the poetic. This is the Donggou Falls, which is 3,000 meters above sea level in the mountains, to be hundreds of mountain pine meandering stream and out of the snow seeping through the channels, aqueducts, water gates, and so on Regulation of building works so that water from 2700 meters of reinforced concrete culvert pipe inside out, fell into a tributary of the River Donggou Ning home convergence, the Lin-feeding, pasture, farmland. Falls to form, here is more Green Hill, Lin Mao-more, more animal fat. In view of this waterfall, listen to the waterfalls roar, listen to the whirling pine, listening to birds Sing, do not have a Yaqu. Donggou the source of the falls, there is a vast picturesque natural scenic spots, which is well-known temple in Mongolia. Legend was the Yuan Dynasty army of Western Expedition Mongolia, Genghis Khan passed by the rate of hundreds of thousands of Tieji here to see the snowy peak, the mountain Chan Yun Xu, birds singing in unison, a hundred Qiming campaign ...... Gobi desert Khan's life was so intoxicated with the charming scenery. At this time, a player down Zouqing Lama, the temple was built here to ensure success of the army's campaign. Xiazhi sweat immediately, an eastern way of the temple would be where they stand, to stay on future generations. Mongolia has experienced vicissitudes of the temple, not complex In the only names left, but still enchanting scenery around. In summer, there is both a lush aquatic plants, strong horse manure summer grazing sheep and a summer resort. Hill outside the heat of summer, here is breezy, like early autumn, will have three days to a drizzle Fei Fei, the mountain was washed Lvlv green, wild flowers fragrance. One Nanshan stone into the market, it can be seen on the white snow Yibi, Xiegua Mountain, throughout the year, the pure white snow. Even far away in Shihezi, in the sunny during the day, still vague to see this snow, that is, "Snow dam floods," Mongolia from the temple up, "Snow flood dam" may sleep in the past over their heads. Mongolia temple along the diversion canal Go on over the original large swathes of forest and large areas of grassland, "Snow dam floods" close at hand. However, more and more dangerous mountain road: deep precipice, a precipice waist, can only help rock climbing wall and, climb over a hill, "Snow flood dam" will appear on the front. Here full of weathered stone tablets, Cuncaobusheng, in addition to stone tablet Occasionally under The continued intermittent sound of BUZZ, a silence. A radius of several hundred meters of non-thin layer of thick snow are not, in this decumbens Animation, cold pressing. Snow downstream, there is a cave, a number of adventure tourists in this habitat, Yamashita view: Stone Yunyan vast field, many peaks, as a small island, albeit not very clearly; re-Yuan Wang, the quasi-Liaoyuan Seoul gray Basin, near Toyama forest, if the light smoke. In the scenic spot, there are wild medicinal herbs such as angelica, to yellow, more than 100 species of Fritillaria, and other wild animals have the Tianshan red deer, goats North, brown bear, wild boar, Marmota, frozen chickens, the birds, such as snow leopard dozens. "Tianshan snow thousands of miles, in shihe Kai King." Mountain is not able to finish my speech Road, the myth of the world, and fascinating tourist destination.

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