Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shihezi the first well - Chinese tourism scenic spots

For the realization of the development of Shihezi Metro's wishes, in August 1950, the Corps has set up a more than 30 of the 22 Corps investigation team. Investigation by the team engineers and soldiers, and in August to the end of Shihezi, the beginning of the sampling-spot survey. Comrade investigation team is divided into three groups, two drilling teams at the same time in different Drilling locations; a logistics team responsible for the lives of all survey team members. Vast wasteland, gravel everywhere, the investigation team of comrades in the hands of only a spade a simple tool, so they started digging hard work. First of all, they Shihezi in the north-east and south-west diagonal slash on the selection of one or two points of the two wells Began to discuss ways of drilling, a final decision on home-made "excavator." They come to the Sui County (now Manasixian) post office bought waste 6 poles, and two custom-made Elm linked to the pulley, and all hands be cut elm tree be a self-basket, the two bought a large rope And the material is divided into two parts, respectively , The second point of excavation for installation. 3 poles aircraft has become a big triangle frame, under the hanging of a pulley, put up a separate slide 20 meters long twice, Shuanshang linked to one end of the rope, hanging baskets soil, the well-head catch of wood, it is so , A simple "excavator" to start the work. Only ten days time, one well The water. The soldiers were very happy, first to scramble to drink this sweet-ching of the well water. And more than 20 days after the second of water wells also. Today, people go walking in the South Shihezi Science and Technology Museum 200 meters southeast of the open square of the forest road, which I still can be seen in the first Junken well. According to the parties that it was well-head Drive about 3 meters and 18-20 meters in depth, water from the southeast to the northwest of flowing. This is due to dig wells only purpose is to detect whether there is water underground Shihezi, the wells do not have any use, construction, the soil was near the landfill. In 1992, the Shihezi City People's Government decided to serve as cultural relics Point of care for the protection of repair.

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