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Song Yan Ming National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Yan Ming National Forest Park, located in the state and political Linxia County, 25 kilometers south of Prince Edward in the mountainous forests.

Song Yan-ming because whenever the wind, Songtao masterpiece, the Pentium bang sound of a crash, such as beat Zhangu Lei, like Ma and the Pentium name. Song Ming Yan Bing Zhi has three peaks for the rooftops of the South, the West top Ling Kong alone, odd-shaped peak , Fu Jun Maung, is the ancient temples pavilion, Ting Xie Fei Hui-land bridge. As early as the Yuan Dynasty, it was cutting holes in the plastic Buddha, Xiumiaojiansi, religious seclusion, to take shape in the Ming Dynasty, in order to Furukawa, one of the Eight.

Song Yan-ming Forest Park is located in the mountainous forests of Prince Edward, a relatively large height difference, animals and plants Many categories, as many as more than 130 kinds of shrubs, a division of alpine fir and iron Cheng; distribution center of spruce, Cheng Hung, white birch, davidiana; low distribution of Pine Hill, poplar, larch; forest suit Bright, flower-shaped unique rhododendron, Hydrangea, primrose, willow, and so spent nearly 100 species of wild flowers; are widely distributed; number More Zushima, 3-pin, 9 calamus, Paeonia Sichuan, Astragalus, Mr Purple, with deer grass, and so on. There are precious animals fox, pheasant, rabbit, wild boar, and other animals. Merging the dense forests, colorful flowers, use different herbs, thousands of rare birds and animals, the limelight, surely shine with greater splendor. Park Chung-ming of the total area of 2666 hectares, the song by the rock-ming landscape of relics in the area, water sports medicine Gap Recreation Area, eight-way ditch mountain botanical garden, Huai Liang Shan-forest landscape areas, a small gorge leisure resort component.

Ming-song rock relics in the scenic area, "Pinnacle Songyan" well-known Wani, as early as the Ming Dynasty built on Yuhuang Ge, Buddha Temple, the Temple of Notre Dame, Temple Kong alone, and other temples, stone cutting had a mountain peak and then Ladder.

Syrup Water Gap Recreation Area, 150,000 square meters for the water to syrup to the main reservoir.

Huai Liang Shan-forest landscape, to 200 Pine acres, larch, spruce, fir, pine, and 500 acres of forest landscape as the main nursery.

  Gap small leisure resort to a small river gorge as a context, Huaxi, linked to the flower diameter; arch bridge, Quqiao each other; promenade Shuixiexiangyao; Portal, avoid the shadow of hope.

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