Friday, December 19, 2008

Liu Hu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingliang City in the northern suburbs. Song Emperor, Tsai Ting-Wei Zhou know, "Quan cited for the warm lake, Liu Zhi around the building in which the Court summer, Liu Hu's Hajime run." Mingjia Jing, Han Fan Yuan-po-zhao WANG accounted for, to build loft Ting Xie Department over. When the Qing Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795), the provision of "College Baiquan," after the words " College Hill ", stone memorial arch and the construction of additional schools in the North and the South. Tongzhi 10 years (in 1871) destroyed Bing Xian, Shaanxi and Gansu Governor General Tso 12 years to repair, change its name," Liu Hu's College. "In 1958 turned into parks, new flowers Men Ting-column, spray-painted and flower decorated archway, the addition of a children's playground, a few Bricks-and-shift In the park. Into the garden, such as into the show with Yun Ling, Tsui verdant and luxuriant Masayuki realm of poetry and painting, yangchun the most wonderful time in March, blossoms like snow, into the wind, float in the air Fen Yang, Beizhao visitors in Smoke of the Qing Sha Siwu in , The wonders of nirvana, the unspeakable. Former "Pingliang Eight," one of the "Liuhuqingxue" that is named after this.

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