Friday, December 19, 2008

Ugie ski secret - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ugie ski resort located in the dense West Shangzhi 9 km, 114 km from Harbin. Founded in 1964, has organized large-scale ski race, trained more than 700 athletes skiing gold medal, China's famous "ski town."

  This beautiful environment, fresh air, natural Lot of good snow conditions, alpine cable, the cable cross-lifts and cable, and hunting, snow boarding, ski motor and a series of tourist facilities, can accommodate 300 people, room and board, is the beginning of the high-level skiing The ideal of paradise.

  Harbin, China-day ski ugie close Resort, located in yet Story 9 km, 115 km away from Hashi, close to 301 National Highway. In 2004, the day China Enterprise Group, the new Heng Group Co., Ltd. and ski ugie close together to form the China Harbin-day ski vacation ugie close Ltd., invested close to the original ski ugie a comprehensive expansion of the recruiting France Post Paul.Bogarski (Paul. Yasi Ji Bao) for the overall planning and design of the Four Seasons development tourism projects.

  Which opened a ski trail area 230,000 square meters, 120 meters wide both the primary snow, and challenging as long as 1400 meters of snow High Road. Snow Snow Road to improve the quality of science and the extension of skiing, China's days of the introduction of advanced science and the snow made the water supply system, the use of seamless steel pipe underground water supply directly to the Peak, at the same time the introduction of French-made snow York 6 sets of systems and Kaisi Bao Germany Seoul sled pressure and so on.

  10,000 m Viewteam the club, ski-suits , Restaurant, guest rooms, entertainment, hospitality meeting as one for skiers to provide quality and convenient services of family relations. You enjoy skiing passion, drama City snow experience at the same time, but also to roam the nation at large bonfire get-together, KTV private room, and so on a wealth of entertainment at night. More different style of mountain villa for you to enjoy the snow ?.

  Hua Tian Mi ugie Yishanbangshui Ski Resort, beautiful scenery, Pinnacle Qingfeng summer, winter, snow-wrapped, the natural ecological environment is pleasant, is a taste of life in the north, close contact with nature's first choice!

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