Friday, December 19, 2008

Forest Park, too Manpower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingliang located in the western suburbs in the south, 3.5 km from the city with a total area of 14481.9 hectares, the park dense forest, rich in resources of wild plants, 708 kinds of plants, 438 kinds of animals, Qifengyidan, the main peak too Unification Hill altitude 2234 meters, tall and majestic mountain, Feng Songlin Tuo, Greenfield roar, the fog around the Yunfu, 10 ancient temples on the hillside and powerful, like the hall by taste, from the top Pingliang beautiful view, the main mountain and the relative kongtong, mountain resort at the end of three Erdaogou, ditch expedition of thousands of area, Blot out the Sun Lin Yin, Yamahana Black Man , Chongming birds, water features streams, canyons faint, stone hit water, Qi cliffs, is a taste of tourist resorts To the enjoyment of nature and of nature's best place to go.

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