Friday, December 19, 2008

Kowloon Park Station - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kowloon Park Station was founded in 1981, is located at the south bank of the Songhua River, extending the total length of 2383 meters, covering an area of 251.44 hectares, with the famous Sun Island Scenic Area across the river, is next to Stalin Park Service another strip of open River Park .

  Tan Park grass, flower beds and unique style, grass-fan Competing in full bloom. This is for the elderly and children's play park and open space, it is the city's best places for morning exercises, ice and snow of winter is an ideal tourist destination.

  Nine stations adjacent to the park at the western end of Stalin Park, also shun Bangshui embankment built strip-rule River Park. Park, "the old man's Bay" is a well-known Bathing beach, "Summer Gallery" is designed for the elderly to swim after the break and a place in the sun.

Scissors-Songhua River Songhua River Highway Bridge across the two sides, tidy and beautiful flower bed under the bridge with nine points an integral whole park, added to the landscape a moving.

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