Friday, December 19, 2008

Yuquan hunting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuquan hunting, the Arab-Israeli city of Harbin is located in the northern town of Yuquan, 60 kilometers away from Harbin, Song Fengshan nature reserve east, west Red Star Travel reservoir area, north of the beautiful large Poplar Ridge, is currently China's largest closed-end hunting .

Hunting forest cover in the region of 80%, 17 Bai Yumi three high peaks and winding down around 3000 hectares of hunting resort. Mountain spring water flowing four seasons, the mountains of wild animals, birds is rich in resources, dense secondary forest habitat with a dragon, pheasant, the Mongolian Gazelle, Paozai, red deer, deer, hare and so on a dozen wild animals live in captivity artificial Stocking of red deer, sika deer only 1,000.

In the summer, Huguangshanse here, together with the unique features to attract a summer holiday for Chinese and foreign tourists. In winter, hunting is full of romantic mystery, hunting, skiing, horse riding, barbecue game ... ... It is often away.

Yuquan Hunting in the north is rich in ethnic customs and hunters to camps - for the octagonal floor on behalf of the European architectural style. Hunter camp and a full-service facilities, attentive service, is hunting for Chinese and foreign tourists, an ideal tourist destination.

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