Friday, December 19, 2008

Jin Ning Fu capital of Beijing will be the site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The site Ningfu gold in Beijing will be located in the Arab-Israeli city of South 2 km, the country's key cultural unit, Jin is from 1115 to 1234 between the capital, but also save far more intact only a capital of the Jin Dynasty ruins. Meridian Gate and the Imperial Palace construction sites so far are well-preserved, outside the city walls, Weng Cheng Ma face, turret and moat remaining sites.

  Year in 1115, the Agu Da here Wanyan Dynasty capital, according to John the tiger Guchen river water, according to a tiger as a means of payment Nuzhen language. A Guda Wan Yan Jin Dynasty that gold will never corrupt, it is founded, Daikin. Daikin at the time the capital of the country - gold Beijing will Ningfu, China is well-known at the time of the ancient capital of one of the four.

  The capital city, 11 km circumference, two hours north-south city. Nancheng for the Imperial City in the north to the city residential areas. Imperial Palace within the existing five sites, walls, doors afternoon, Ma face, turret, Weng clear outline of the city. There was a big decision of the Supreme Jin Hall. Kim was in Beijing, Liaoning is set, the Northern Song Dynasty financial resources between the two countries established as the capital of Dili after four (Kim Dynasty, Jin Taizong, gold and Xizong Hailing Wang Tai), a total of 38 years, it was the North China Political, economic and cultural center, was the city of Northeast Asia. In recent years, according to Tacha that around on the capital-intensive distribution of palaces, temples, castles, and other sites, there are areas in the south altar site, the site of the altar to the north, which to worship Heaven, worship the ancestors of the line, not only Generation of the necessary capital, but also the culture of the Chinese nation salient features.

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