Friday, December 19, 2008

Wang Mugong Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingliang is located 75 km southeast of the city Department of Jingchuan County Jing, within two rivers converging, the Queen Mother in the north of Shandong, less than 1 km away from Jingchuan County, was built in the Northern Wei Yongping three years (510). Wang Mugong the mountain caves cut, was slightly rectangular shape if "Au", as high as 12 meters. Cave statues within three hours, in well-Tower Direct Ku Ding, the center column and the cave walls on three sides are stone statues, qianfoensis, Book, Buddha and the back of the white pagoda, more work for the Northern Wei Dynasty. At the top of the structure fell off a few do, more than 100 statues of the existing statue, the main Buddhist center, followed by both sides of the arrangement. Cave outside of the mountain for the rehabilitation of the Qing Dynasty pavilion. The renovation work by Wang Mugong Hall, and the steps leading to the hall and winding road, Taoists become an important place for pilgrims.

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