Friday, December 19, 2008

Harbin amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Harbin amusement park, covers an area of 22.8 hectares, is a modern large-scale open-air playgrounds, recreational and fitness-in-one, is the leisure to choose the best. Road is located, Nangang, Taiping at the junction of three areas, covering 228,000 square meters. 12 playgrounds throughout the country in the first place 6. Built in 1959 and outside the formal opening, when the park is called culture. In 1993 changed its name to the Harbin amusement park.

  Harbin amusement park in the north is a unique European-style landscape garden, in recent years, the park also has a new herbal medicine park, an amusement park and fountain. There are more than 100 kinds of medicinal herbs garden for medicinal plants People watching; children's playground there are bumper cars, petrol cars, to horses, flying in the air chair, Crazy Mouse, Liu Yong Jin, The Adventures of the Orient Palace, Water World, and other recreational facilities.

  After years of the park's green color, Joe, shrub up to 50 more than a million trees, lawns 20,000 square meters, green coverage 70%.

  Harbin amusement park in 2001 by the China National Tourism Administration of the first countries selected as "3A" King-class travel (point). City Tourist Office has been designated as a fixed-point units and the tourism industry and civilized demonstration window units.

  Harbin amusement park scenery, the flavor Architecture has long Chi Chinese and foreign, unique flower beds, chairs, garden lights, blue flowers constitute a wonderful fairy-tale world.


  Harbin amusement park rides modernization of the existing large and medium-sized more than 30. -Complete with equipment, full-featured, well-known for strange new. From the introduction of new high-strength Japan to stimulate large-scale recreational facilities Wheel of the brave, "an intoxicating, interesting thriller, is the cradle of the brave:" super spaceship "," Crazy Train "gives people access to the fantastic, exciting, iQue Tan Qi, such as space travel in general; only in the Northeast "Tricyclic atomic block" fall on the table here; "Water World" covers an area of 28,000 ping Meters, the building of its size and level of greening the domestic first-class home; bumper car, gasoline car, bicycle high-altitude, all playing patience; pirate ship, the crazy rat, octopus, air planes, the Sun God, fast; spacecraft, Huntian ball rolling up and down; torrent Jin Yong's "Muzhou" Indians like to master cutting through the wood falls "Arab Carpet," a statement of the old fairy tale ... ...

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