Friday, December 19, 2008

World ice and snow - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World ice and snow in Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is the leading brand by the end of 1999 on the beautiful banks of the Songhua River was born, to be held each year, the Department of snow and ice world is the essence of art, into the world of pleasure in one snow park, set ideological, artistic, watch, participate , In one entertaining, magnificent scenes of vast, atmospheric modeling Fill, absolutely beautiful scenery, magnificent as the magnificent "epic picture of snow and ice."

World ice since been held, after the relocation, and finally in 2001 for the third time addressing the Songhua River on the north shore of the Western Sun Island. Sun Island Hashi Western World, including snow and ice covering a total of 2,820,000 Ping Meters. Is currently under construction in snow and ice World theme park as a leader of the Four Seasons Resort will be the natural ecological scenery as the main line construction, development and construction of the international standard golf courses, water parks, sports and entertainment facilities and European style landscape.

  In the eastern area: ice and snow activities and activities for the children's play . From large-scale artificial ski resort, large-scale ice slides, children's park, the Christmas Place, a maze and large inflatable attractions and construction projects.
  The characteristics of the region: the majority of young people to meet the requirements of snow and ice sports: there are a large number of popular children's entertainment; large inflatable transparent construction, for travel The provision of rest, dressing, shopping, restaurants and ski equipment rental services.

  Central area: The main park area, and to watch the major events organized in the main. Everest from, Yan Geng Hua Shan, Times Square, the bell of the century, the huge galleries ice, ice color screen, Dieshui fountain and scenic spots, such as the composition. The characteristics of the region: ideological, highly ornamental. Everest and the grand style of Hua Shan Yan G, based in Heilongjiang Warriors G Yan Hua's deeds to climb Everest, is intended to inspire people to danger, bravery and hard work, to win glory for the country's sentiment. Square meters, can be held at the Park festival, art performances, water disco, -Make-up activities such as dance.

  In the western area: a comprehensive regional activities. By the future world, ancient times, Northeast Park, customs, customs Oroqen Park, European style garden, snow and ice extreme sports, adventure park, climbing mountains, snow karts, motorcycles, such as snow-group more than a dozen new attractions and To stimulate Activities of the components of the project.

  The characteristics of the region: ornamental features of Chinese and foreign ice cream architecture, to participate in the dynamic and full of vitality and pleasure of ice and snow sports activities, taste our minority in the north and features authentic Russian food, history and the future can be perceived in deep Chinese and foreign culture.

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