Friday, December 19, 2008

Windmill Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Windmill Hill is the Yabuli ski resort of leisure, at the Third Asian Winter Games held during the Windmill Hill was once the snow athletes village.

  Windmill Hill, including not only the entire Yabuli Ski Resort, Resort Hotel, Windmill, windmill-day network and the array Indian Lake (in winter every year Fans here in the winter swimming), in addition, this also has a golf course, recreation center, tennis courts, and other recreational facilities, and has the world's longest canopy-chute (a total length of 2680 meters, 570 meters gap, turn 48 , Sat down on the diving block, filled with stimulating narrowly yet). The main entertainment Ski projects, golf, fishing, tennis, motorized snow, forest riding, hot-air balloon, paragliding and so on.

  All this makes Windmill Hill in November of each year in late April to early next year to ski period, is still a very good tourist resort. If the summer and fall, and Peng friends together to Windmill Hill Resort, rent a villa stay a day in the mountains to see the beautiful scenery, boating, playing, riding, will feel very happy.

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