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Stalin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stalin Park was built in 1953, was originally called "River Park." Park is located in the urban areas south bank of the Songhua River, the Songhua River from the East Railway Bridge, West Kowloon Station Park, extending the total length of 1750 meters, is shun Bangshui embankment built-shaped strip of open park with the famous "Sun Island" scene Only a river across the area, accounting for Area of 5000 square meters of thousands of zero, it imitation of the Russian classical style and all-around colorful garden, "Goshiki grass flower bed," and in the green space between the "Youth Pre-employment Training Swan" and "three juvenile" and "off", " Diving, "" sword dance "and other kinds of art 16 Group and the famous sculpture at home and abroad. Is along the river embankment To build things km long, 50 meters wide north-south rules of the park. It has absorbed the European-style gardens and enhance the sound, and the northerners have the same simple, rough features of the expansion in the number of national parks unique, distinctive style. Park flower beds, sculptures, lawn. Seat, round lights, railings and Russia Sri Lankan classical architecture toys, novel, constitutes a wonderful fairy-tale world.

  At the south bank of the Songhua River, covers an area of 100,000 square meters, with the famous Sun Island across the river. Before the 50s, this is special railway lines and shipping terminals. Built in 1953 by the lawn, flower bed Trees, sculpture, the Russian classical style toys, Rome gallery, chairs, garden lights, barriers and the Harbin City People's monument, such as flood control embankment composed of Shun Bangshui, the band's unique open River Park. In the summer, Jessica grass in the park, rows of tall trees for shade Pianpian sent to visitors, Hong Kong in Full Visitors to the flowers open each other; wide clear on the Songhua River, the breeze Fu Fu, leisurely boat light waves; it was extremely hot on the beach, colorful tents for fighting Yan-qi; river, leisure laughter of the people, unusually lively. Winter, snow-wrapped Park, CMV snow and ice, pegged to watch the tree, take the ice fan, sled, People feel good.

The whole area of "Tower of flood control," as the central task, as a result of Russian classical architectural style known. It is also a symbol of Harbin, Harbin will be a tribute to the people to overcome two serious floods established.

To the earth art, business-oriented service. Earth art gallery, the people and foreign trade major sets of goods, ice and snow sculpture area, a large group of birds with northeasterly wind areas, the snow garden, and other components of creative painting.

  The sculpture garden art, the Russian classical style toys, new and unique style. Park also has a gymnasium, Qingnian Gong, bathing, On the club, such as sports and cultural entertainment field. Middle of winter, the snow park wrapped Faso, Joan Yushu branches, one in the north scenery, the tree is a Kwei view, to carry out ice-fan, sled, ice skating and winter activities such as a good place. Set viewing, shopping and entertainment in one. Here, you can watch the bright earth style art works To buy Russian goods and tourism commodities, and display their talent can create a free ice Xuesu can take a giant ice slide by the river embankments slid into the direct area.

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