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Mudanjiang Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Jiangnan, the old landscape has been thoroughly. Sunrise Flaming Red River, Spring blue river, such as Green - Cherish the Memory of Jiangnan can not!" Po Chu of a "Cherish the Memory of Jiangnan", which has caused the number of people on the southern yearning for the infinite. Several people may know, is located in the Wandashan connections Changbai Mountain Dong Lu Ling Zhang was among the Mudanjiang City, was a "River north of the Great Wall "The reputation of the north is the famous" land of fish and rice. "

  Mudanjiang-rich, natural scenery, is China - the North, "a paradise on earth", are on the ancient "Paradise", under "Jervois" said. Today, as its full Mudanjiang Li's landscape, beautiful scenery, rich treasures, you also denied that northern China's Mudanjiang is "a paradise on earth"?

  Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang is located in the southeast, located in China, Russia, North Korea encircled the country's "Golden Triangle" in the hinterland, with its unique tourism resources and well-known. Mudanjiang City, as a result of Mudanjiang through the urban area got its name from the city surrounded by mountains, the central level, is a natural basin. Located in the mid-latitude, continental climate and the monsoon climate, as a result of the Sea of Japan before the close, the maritime climate, although located in the "Great Northern Wilderness", but to "force Jiangnan "in the world. Landslide Lake, the world's largest mountain - it Jingpohu the city of Mudanjiang is located in the southwest.

  Mudanjiang City, is a beautiful tourist city. At present, the development and utilization of the major historical sites and scenic spots there are human crater National Forest Park, the country moranbong Sen Nature reserves and national parks, ski Moranbong, and eight women voted to commemorate Jiang's statue, the river-Gantt Siberian tiger farms, Wei Hushan to watch Tiger Park, Lotus Lake, and so on more than 30 offices, of which 110 km away from Mudanjiang of Jingbo Lake, China's largest volcanic lava Landslide Lake, the provincial tourism resort. Unique tourism resources, making it the southeastern part of Heilongjiang Province, a major city. Tourist attractions include: state-level scenic spots Jingpohu; city and Pong moranbong according to the nature reserve; located in the northwest Jingpohu 30 kilometers underground forest; has 1,200 years of history in the Tang Dynasty in the Bohai Sea States Site; there Jiang Lu Dao in the transfer take a look at the birds, which are beyond the Great Wall added Jiangnan magnificent picture.


  In the past, Japan had been the aggressor in the city will fight the Soviet Union as a bridgehead; incorporation of the Kuomintang reactionaries and the many bandits in the looting, burning, killing, fish ... The people ... and eight women to vote on Jiang's tragic history took place here.

  Now, from Mudanjiang City to become a consumer has a comprehensive basis for the emerging industrial city. The industrial progress, led to the development of the Mudanjiang city.

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