Saturday, December 20, 2008

Buddha seven-tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddha seven towers, Kek Lok Si Temple is located in the east and in 1924 for one of the Rinzai Zen 5-44's were built by the disciples, for the seven-story octagonal pavilion-Zhuanta. About 37 meters high, the domestic distribution of rare positive to the south, abutting brick building in possession of hard-Hill Hall. Then Dianqian 3 Juanpengchangting East and West on both sides of each two-story bell tower Floor. Tower East, South, West and three in the north for more than three windows, more than all the peripheral arch shrines, to plastic vivid relief Ocean's 31. Hall of the same tower, dedicated to the Buddha of the three, four bronze statue of Buddha 7.

The wooden ladder tower are available for viewing board. Hall and the Tower of Yanxia Queti do Jackie Chan, a phoenix, lions, cranes, etc. Carving, lively style. Tower of local components and decorative architectural style with the West.

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