Saturday, December 20, 2008

Heihe Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is located in Heihe City, northeast China border, was approved by the State Council of the first open border cities. Located in the center of Northeast Asia, Heilongjiang to the main channel for the community center, and the third largest city in Russia's Far East across the Amur river, is a vast, excellent location, rich resources, beautiful magical border Area.

Heihe strategic location, perfect ecological environment, unique folk customs and history of the humanities, so rich in unique tourism resources in Heihe. Heihe City, beautiful mountains and rivers, the most distinctive features of the Pure Land in the north with tourism, World Tourism with the three major natural resources in the snow and ice, two forest Heihe is no vast ocean, there is the beautiful River community. In the Heihe River can be heard up to the spring-flowers, blue summer to see clear water, colorful autumn tour Shuangye winter view of snow-crystal. Heihe average maximum temperature in summer temperature of 24 degrees, the ideal summer resort and leisure; into October, the snow and ice up to 180 days. Winter River ice-covered thousands of miles, miles Xuepiao, is full of snow-wrapped, the South Shangxue tourists, an excellent place for skiing and the best choice.

  Wudalianchi Volcano tour, tour the ancient city of Aihui history, the Sino-Russian border and customs Heihe You can travel the three major bright spot. As the world's natural volcanic geology museum Wudalianchi, is a state-level scenic spots and nature reserves, national geological parks, China 40 best tourist destination, China's only mineral water town. Tourism Organization of the United Nations has been rated as the world's top experts in tourism resources. And was approved by UNESCO as "Wudalianchi Biosphere Reserve." Wen Hui Yuan far and near the ancient city is the history of all Chinese people rose up and moving "Aihui Sino-Russian treaty" signed, a number of important leaders of our country here to visit the inscription. City to raise money 25,000,000 yuan in the construction of a unique design, large-scale Aihui history museum in June 2002 completion The official reception of visitors; the museum for its unique design and extraordinary refined the State Administration of Cultural Heritage was set as a "top 10 products of the National Museum".

  In addition, the Elunchunzu, Daur, Manchu and other ethnic minorities living in the village folk, the beautiful scenery of Lake Wo Niu, "the North small - "Yamaguchi said the tourist resorts, fast-flowing, the Meteorology Series James River rafting and so on are all domestic and foreign tourists visit the resort and summer. Historic sites have been basically formed, volcano tourism, summer convalescence, cross-border, snow and ice for pleasure, hunting fishing , And drifting exploration, the environment, customs and so on a large number of unique River characteristics of tourism products.

In Russia and up to 358 kilometers of border line with the distribution of Heihe, Xunke, Sun Wu control point for a class of the three countries. Heihe City and Russia amur, capital city of Blagoveshchensk, China and the Commonwealth of Independent States 7400 kilometer border line 11 pairs of the largest and nearest, the highest specifications, most of the all-city counterparts, so the travel borders Heihe has excellent location. Jiang's cross-strait same way, connected to the village, economic and cultural exchanges have a long history of more than 100 years, a variety of intricate ties, mutual integration of the profound cultural heritage. Sino-Russian border China and Russia to between culture, language, ethnicity, customs and even the architectural style of the great differences in such areas as attracting a large number of domestic and foreign visitors.

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