Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sanjiang Plain sites during the Han, Wei - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanjiang Plain during the Han, Wei and the site is located in the city of Jiamusi in Heilongjiang Province, and the city of Shuangyashan Baoqing, friendship, Fujin, and other cities and counties, is the Han, Wei period of the site.

According to the defense whether or installations will be divided into "city" and "sites" categories. One of the city was mostly mountainous city, the plain little city, the city is 1-4 ranging from the wall. In addition to the sites of different specifications of the site live, there are religious sites, defense sites and sites such as look-out.

  The more important sites include the site of the ancient city of Fortress Hill, the site Xinglongshan group, the Big Dipper, and so on the altar site. Big Dipper which is the site of the altar so far for the Chinese For the first time found that the astronomical constellation to build a layout, the ancient city.

  Fortress Hill and the site of the altar site Big Dipper, is the Sanjiang Plain during the Han, Wei Dongyi the main indicator of national culture and at the same time, including Taoism, the Chinese civilization at that time has spread to the northern remote.

Sanjiang Plain sites during the Han, Wei, the distribution of dense, intact, the type of rich, and even at home around the world are rare, the study of ancient history in the Northeast, the north-eastern border with the Central Plains, as well as the history of relations plays an important role.

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