Saturday, December 20, 2008

River rafting ring - Chinese tourism scenic spots

River rafting ring with Kazakhstan is located in scenic highway connected Fang Hu Highway Department, 46 km ring of the river water. Shan Lin to the high-density, vertical and horizontal river, a beautiful, cloud transpiration, Qinglie sweet water without any pollution, he ring with plenty of water, there is Jihuan to cross-strait dependent Castle, the picturesque Liulv bonus. The most appropriate people drifting, adventure, viewing flowers, summer leisure. This place has been named the national forest parks, state-level nature reserve of animals and plants. River rafting river bed ring narrow gap between large, shallow flow urgent, it is risky test of courage and guts thriller drift. Scenic spots in the tree in God, source of water ring, Emerald Lake, Sanjeong view, opera Ma Yongshun, Lung, lounge bridges, water Court, the door in Wonderland, Stephen dragon and phoenix, fog Bay, asked the heart wall, stacked 18, back to Long Ting As well as the primitive cave.

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