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Xingkai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xingkai located in the territory of Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province, from Jixi city of 110 km south-east. By Xingkai (domestic), small Xingkai Lake and its surrounding plain plot, with a total area of 222,488 hectares, the provincial government approved the establishment in 1985, 1994 and was promoted to the national level, mainly for the protection of Ecosystems and rare birds.


  Warm and humid climate in this area, widespread swamps in the region, North and South to stop the movement of migratory birds and resident birds of habitat, birds are very rich in resources, there are more than 180 species, of which red-crowned cranes, white storks, swans, white-naped crane and white-tailed sea eagle Such as for state protection Animal Health, Lake Kong in the region are still endemic plants Kathon Hing. In addition, the protected areas and the Russian National Nature Reserve Xingkai connected through co-operation between the two countries, the establishment of an international nature reserve.

  Known as "Oriental Hawaii" and "North Emerald" is the reputation of the Xingkai China, Russia Lake community. By Hill broke the crust formed by subsidence, which is the largest freshwater lakes in Heilongjiang Province, also known as the new lake. Tang Da Wu Mei said. As a result of lake-like "Yueqin," so there is the Jin Dynasty, "Qin North Sea." Chia-ching years before Xingkai said. "Xingkai" Manchu "from above the water flows" was conveyed. Xingkai formed by the rift. Points Xingkai Xingkai large and small, between Hubei and Hunan is one of about 50 km west extension of the sandy Lake Kong. Lake-week low for the lacustrine plains, the lake 69 meters above sea level. Xingkai major north-south up to more than 100 km from east to west over 60 km wide, covering an area of 4380 square kilometers, the depth of 10 meters, with a total water storage of about 24 ~ 26,000,000,000 cubic meters; small Xingkai 35 kilometers from east to west, north-south 4.5 kilometers wide, covering an area of 140 square kilometers, the depth of 4 to 5 meters. In 1858 and 1860 unequal treaties and Ai Hui Beijing after the signing of the treaty, Xingkai 2 /3 share for Russia. In China into the small Xingkai There are rivers for Purple River, Heihe small, gold and silver river bank, River, the small River; Xingkai into the big white paozi River, Pear River, the big red-eye paozi Kazakhstan. In Russia, there are 8 major river into the Xingkai. There is a lake in the northeast corner of the narrow waterway ? ? Song Acha river flows to the southeast, after North injected to us Jiang. Xingkai rich red-winged mouth ? (big white fish), red tail (even Ma), carp, red pointed ? (red tail). China's four big white fish is one of the 000 fish.

  Lake valuables to the beach, the lake clean and transparent, non-polluting. Yan Bo Xingkai vast, magnificent, both of Lake scenery attitude, and strong sea People may have a lake like the sea reverie.

  Xingkai can now experience the "stick Paozai, ladle scoop fish, pheasants flew pots," the original outlook of the Great Northern Wilderness. Xingkai bank also left a distinguished writer Ding Ling, Ai Qing, playwright Wu Zuguang's footsteps. The founding of the early development of hundreds of thousands of officers and men Da Huang, Tunkenshubian millions of educated youth, this is the Great Northern Wilderness Memorial Hall to witness history.

  Area: 4380 square kilometers, Xingkai by the size of the Hubei and Hunan, a small lake in the northern side in China, small and Xingkai Xingkai was a 90 km long natural barrier and separated, the widest point barrier About Kilometers of natural sand hill on the formation of a variety of tree, deer, mink, mice, pheasants, and other animals reproduce to survive; Lake in many species, the production of large aquarium called. Great Lakes in the northern part of China, belonging to the south of Russia, the convergence of nine water, the lake-ho indistinct, straight as big green like the Great Wall, more than the lake water marsh. Xing Lake four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the magic of the original natural grace to show the people of the world. In the spring of vitality, rejuvenate the land, dark-million Xingkai large wetlands, in order to red-crowned cranes, oriental white stork, white-tailed sea eagle, the white swan, and so on more than 180 kinds of birds survive here, to form a magnificent view of the world's migratory birds " Channel "and breeding base.'s Largest lake rich white fish, carp, for flowers, such as carp are also first-class cuisine. In the deep green of summer, fish from flood, a network can continue to catch fish and shrimp million jin, The fishermen Xiangcheyunxiao child labor, is a rare case of the beautiful Masterpiece; acres of wild flowers in full bloom, and see a beautiful Natural beauty, fragrance smell, heart and lung Qinren; Barry Gold Beach, that ran in the fine sandy beach, enjoy the beach bath Qubing fitness of music. Has made great achievements in the autumn, small boats Xingkai Moon watch, the more people living the sweet mellow wine, honey board Lake Hill, to adopt leaves, the concept of Mountain View, four major fishing Xingkai water fish were large white fish, and visitors will linger pleasant, non-music Sigui. In the snowy winter, after a winter snows, Xingkai frozen earth, snow-wrapped, here is the South, the northerners have a great yearning for the snow and ice in the world to be here Shangxue skating, ice fishing experience Xingkai of winter magic and Peru.

  Xingkai overflow from the northeast corner of the lake, a river Song Acha, into the Ussuri River. Xingkai in the size of the junction of the new flow, 1.5 km east of Lake Post Office, there are more than 6000 years ago, a period of the primitive commune cultural sites, covering an area of 30 acres, from top to bottom layer 2, for burial the upper and the lower for the Cellar, the cultural relics unearthed from the show can be, then settle down here fishing on the main run of the hunting clan. The northwestern shore of the lake, 574 meters above sea level of honey Hill, three-point law relative elevation of 500 meters, tall and straight appears to be high and steep. Jimu high, it is drunk eyes Shen Chi, Ping Lake field, farm structures, roads, more Northeast of the local characteristics.

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