Saturday, December 20, 2008

Longevity National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longevity National Forest Park in Harbin is located in the southeast, 50 km away from the urban area, covers an area of 773 hectares, is far from the city of Harbin, the most recent a natural forest park.

Park dense forests, peaks and downs, peaks overlap range upon range of hills, a variety of different stones can be found everywhere in Ky Son, a beautiful and attractive. There Cheng Feng, Feng tower and the three major scenic spot in the shade Hill, each have 5-7 sites. The reasonable distribution of attractions, travel arrangements can be made 1-3 days.

  Spring Park to pick wild vegetable, look at the mountain is covered with red azalea; summer vacation in the summer; Wu Hua concept in the autumn scenery, take a variety of wild fruit, mushrooms; longevity to the winter skiing Hill Skiing, Wanxue; Four Seasons Park attracts foreign visitors, so you away.

  In 1993 by the former Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of a national forest park and longevity, former Minister of Forestry Xu Youfang comrades personally wrote the name of the park. In 2001 by the China National Tourism Administration approval for the AA-class tourist area. Park rely on snow and ice resources in Heilongjiang Province has established long Ski Resort, the resort in the province for the larger ski resorts, ski teams are training base in Harbin, facilities, with the early, middle and three high-level snow, with snow more than vice And launched a motorized snow, snow flying saucer, snow football, ice hockey and other entertainment projects, You experience the taste winter.

  In recent years, the park improved the prime minister peak, peak tower, the three major scenic spots in the shade Hill, carried out skiing, forest hard training camp, rock climbing, hunting Gongnu recreational activities, in conjunction with "provincial forest seedlings base model," viewing area "Modern breeding methods" and "plant taxonomy" The main relevant scientific knowledge and cultural knowledge publicity!

  "Province in Endangered Species of Wild Animal rescue center" has been started, in order to protect wildlife, viewing, breeding, natural-based set free, will soon open to visitors, longevity National Forest Park is its unique tourism resources in development, Tourist Park Improve the facilities, hotels, restaurants, tourist shops, tour vehicle matching facilities.

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