Saturday, December 20, 2008

Huoshaoshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill fire is located 2 kilometers northeast Lao Heishan by red, black pieces of slag and pumice stone fire, the fire burnt crater like the broken pot, it said, "Hill fire." Mountain Lao Heishan than the size of a small, little vegetation, 390 meters above sea level.

There are large areas of scenic volcano "cone-jet" group, is a cone-jet Community's most precious legacy of the volcanic eruption landscape, which is due to the volcanic eruption when lava led to the rise in gas levels from the accumulation.

Mountain fire still a lot of volcanic lava, "micro-landform", that stone pictographic, very vivid image.

  General on Desert a red hilly region, hundreds of Ranging from small red backpack, with a total area of about 10 square kilometers. The number of high mountain in between 20-30 meters, was smooth at the top of the arc-shaped, around the gentle slope, low-lying land between the backpack is a fiery red. These rolling red hills, the formation of a very spectacular landscape in the text. Hill set fire to the mountain from Red and orange rocky, colorful, hard stone for the Jurassic geological structure. Hill set fire to the sun like a sea of flames, the ups and downs of the hills like a red flame rising, you first came to feel as if that's Huoyanshan Journey to the West. Rock Hill, the fire was mudstone that the Mass Transit Spontaneous combustion of coal, barbecue into their present form, so the surface geology of being scattered all over the molten rock changed. These not only rock hard texture, and color, unusual shape, has a certain aesthetic appeal. Hill set fire to oil fields because of the development, gradually Huoshaoshan well known, tourists come here especially for the growing , Huoshaoshan will become an important tourist destination.


And here the most interesting thing is that over the surface of a small volcanic pumice stone. Pumice the shape of different sizes, like most of the size of steamed bread, angular, pedal up the issue of the squeak sound. This black, purple is a fire Pumice, which almost no morals, still maintains the original appearance. You see, this little above the soil, and almost no flowers, trees, which are even rare lichens, seems to be a lifeless world. However, in the vicinity of the volcano crater and is very different, even in the winter Dishuichengbing, where volcanic Also hot, as Gunfei the thick of a big steaming hot air. While the ice-covered thousands of miles down the mountain, a white, near the crater was green grass. In fact, this is geothermal.

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