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Fort head - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Head at Fort Hulin City, where so-called "Ma Qiluo the east line of defense" to the end of World War II. Fortress was built in 1934, a huge project, the deployment of 100,000 workers, took six years to complete. Is so far discovered during World War II to build the strongest, most maintain the integrity of the military fortress, its strong, The degree of preparation, the degree of modernization of World War II can be most eye-openers. During World War II, at the same time, front-line combat positions in the most intense, longest, largest number of deaths on the battlefield. Is the front-line education in patriotism, constantly remind us not forget that period of humiliating history.

  It is The status of the military, ambitious Japanese military aggression, and in Germany, Italy set up a military alliance, from 1934, spent six years in these under Hill, built underground Unicom each other fortifications, the main road Total length of more than 10 kilometers. All the steel and concrete buildings, facilities and a very complete, command post Communications room, ammunition depots, arsenals of food, fuel, soldiers homes, schools, clinics, power generation, kitchen, bath, toilet and water wells, and so on. To the ground, and observation bunkers, vertical shafts, vents, and so I fired, or even pass in the channel, there are also traps and shooting holes are for the final The hit made. It is said that it can accommodate 12,000 troops in support of more than three months time, the Japanese aggression army said it was "Maginot Line of the East", "North over the first permanent fortress."

  August 9, 1945, the Soviet Union declared war against Japan the next day and began to attack the head position. 1400 Japanese troops 000 officers and men of the garrison, with Cyprus, it maintains, desperate resistance. Until August 15, Japan announced unconditional surrender after Sizhan stubborn, and even kill the messenger came to surrender. As a result, nearly 10 times to the Soviet Army in the head of the Japanese army troops, heavy artillery and a variety of firearms, as heavy rain and strong wind bombardment of this enemy. To August 2 , So that the fortress was finally attributed to silence, to come together with more than 600 asylum Japanese citizens (the elderly, women and children), with the exception of 53 who escaped, the other two thousand people, or gun, or suffocation, all dead Fortifications, in Fort. At the expense of the Soviet Union has a more than 1,000 officers and men. The end of the Second World War, not 15, but on August 26!

Special mention should be made, is strong Laqu construction of underground fortifications of the more than 10,000 Chinese workers have been tortured to death or killed in secret. For the silence is confidential. The worst is the last group of workers means the completion date, the group was tricked participate in the Valley Tigers Celebration, "was machine-gun fire, killing all, leaving behind mountains of bones, leaving tens of millions of innocent people's complaints.

  A garrison, the emperor did not listen to surrender, even though there are many reasons to explain, but all belong to the speculation. Always unjust war, are the backbone of a small number of elements.
They name Name of the people, the morale of the so-called Shen yong, death, are the result of manipulation. Okazaki described by Tetsuo, the fortress where the Japanese army soldiers, saw the arrival of doomsday,
It is full of terror, panic and despair, do not go through fire and water, died of the spirit, the so-called spirit of Bushido, however, is a myth. A history of the last words: When Wang Tuo into soil, the ancient is the poor soldiers Huotai. Want to lord it over the aggressors, the people must be slavery, Yu Shuihuo people drive. The history of Japan for the World Kam. That the people of the island, must not forget the head fortress, the spirits of those Kugu pile!

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