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Wei Hushan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wei Hushan Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wei Hushan Forest Park in the spring beautiful, pure white snow of winter, Lin vast, roaring tigers, the Great Wall Weiwei. Roll drag grass flowers along the mountain road, climbing up the back like a tiger tiger Granville peak, the mountains look South, North visions Jiangchuan, head swim chi pregnant, thousands of reverie. If in the summer, before Yamahana romantic, soft and thick grass at the foot of Jade. Ear Ming-chuen, singing, who are relaxed and happy to board.





Wei Hushan is for the wonders of the North, natural, "Giant Tiger," more than 400 meters long, 60 meters high, Fuwo in the mountains of Britain, was ready to take on the shape and form of their life, their God-dimensional Miao Xiao, is impressive for the Seven Wonders of nature.

Wei Hushan the Great Wall is a feat of contemporary people, riding it cross-Ling Feng, grounding loud, but not both, such as the meandering of Cang Long, dance in between the mountains, go to Lin Song-way. The project's scale, the momentum of Bang Bo, known as "up to Di Erba . "Temporary look of the Great Wall, ancient and modern overview of not only the feelings of the magnificent mountains and rivers, caused Sigu of exquisite feelings.

Summer shade trees along the mountain path of flickered Yamahana, climbed up the back like a tiger tiger Granville peak, looking down at the foot Yamahana in full bloom, green grass, tit Timing, Stephen pleasant voice; Station Peak, the mountains look South, North Jiangchuan visions, Yu Chi Pin Head, Liao Dunjue world wide, it is God Qi Shuang-ching, Xiasi million.






When the cold winter season, snow hugging the earth, easy to heaven and earth colors, "Yin Yi Shan dance, Chi wax, "Wei Hushan enchanting scene in the forest park, thousands of miles of ice season," Hill million Hong Bian, storied dye to make "the poetic, into the white world view of the photo. Weihu Shan into the pine , Takan frosted leaves, look for the Office of Wei, Wei-dong, nipple Hill, Hu Xian-dong, Talon ... ... will peak flu To the north of Sichuan with the magnificent splendor.

New and exciting snow sports, winter is a major amusement park project. Talon Peak Resort, the resort Wei-feng tiger, mountain cable car, high-speed slide, the mountain ice-skating rinks, the ice stadium, the forest hunting and fighting range, archery range, race track, so are its unique charm Passengers away. Here in Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski slope, snow mountain, snow gully, high-speed sled, fun ice hockey, skating, snow-volt fun, shooting the snow, snow football, many tricks, Fun for all.

Wei Hushan Forest Park, set for sightseeing and entertainment catering to a . There are Park Hotel, hotels, villas, houses the couple, high, medium and low-grade 53 rooms, with more than 200 accommodation can also receive travel team, Shou Dan wedding and meetings and other activities. Park also prepared a song and dance halls, swimming pools, reservoirs, roller skating game, Chess Room, ball games and other entertainment room Shi. Here is entirely possible to put aside secular trouble. To enjoy some relaxation of tension clear Fatigue and nerves. In order to meet the needs of travel enthusiasts, the park was established tourist resort club member to participate in regular summer camps, winter camps, Spring, Qiuyou, skiing, climbing, climbing cliffs and so on a variety of topics live .

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