Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ciyun Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ciyun Si at the Yilan county in the northwest, according to the Songhua River North. Area of 15,640 square meters. Founded in 1925, is a warlord Feng Ji Du Li Zhen Shoushi Yilan their sister in the construction of the Dragon Temple on the basis of. Temple building sitting south, there is the layout of the main there are times structured. Layer 3 by the construction of the main temples, namely, four Temple, the Temple III, Dian-Long, from south to north neatly arranged on a central axis. Dan Yan Dian three are hard-Hill Construction, Dianqian tickets have shed phase, in order to hold a round ridge Qingwa. Also in 1990 the construction of the bell and drum tower over Qiu Nita, and so on, so that a more rigorous and improve the layout.

  According to records, 17 years of the Republic of China ( Jiuerbanian), guarding the town of Yilan history of the establishment of Cisi General Du Li, for his brother-in-law Qinglian Buddhist Master, an Sect. Matisse the Master Po rebuilt in 1988. Existing Mountain Gate, the Clock Tower, the Drum Tower, King Hall, Main Hall, Room Canon, Ke Tang, Qi Tang, Liu monk, college, and so on. Main Hall and the Hall of Heavenly Kings is a county-level text Protection unit, a three-year She's great elm, and towering trees. And Tallinn 2, a relic worship, the collection of "Da Zhengcang" one.

The current abbot of silence Master Wang, the 30-year-old Margaret, Helen County of Heilongjiang Province, the monk in 1988, where she studied with Matisse the Master Bao graduated from college Yilan Part-time executive director of the Buddhist Association of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City Buddhist Association.

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