Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sanjiang Natural Wetland Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Heilongjiang Sanjiang Natural Wetland Reserve is located in Heilongjiang, Wusuli River Interchange, Fuyuan County, Jiamusi, some 400 kilometers away from Harbin, China is located in the northeast corner of the most, Heilongjiang and Wusuli River is the convergence of the triangle. Sanjiang Nature Reserve in the territory of more than 50 rivers and streams, 200 lakes bubble, river 26, over and over marshes, abundant wildlife, the Sanjiang Nature Reserve is an inland wetland and water ecosystems types of nature reserves.







  Heilongjiang Sanjiang Nature Reserve was Wetlands Board approved the occasion of the "List of Wetlands of International Importance." At this point, the protected areas since 1993 to build, 10 years on three steps, both at home and abroad to become influential wetland nature reserve.

  The second half of the 20th century, the Sanjiang Plain to carry out a large-scale development, though The country has contributed to food supply, but large areas of wetlands have been destroyed. To save the only piece of China to maintain the original look of the fresh water wetland, and many people around appeal, in 1994, the Heilongjiang provincial government approved the establishment of the "three rivers in Heilongjiang provincial-level nature reserves." 1995 also approved the establishment of a " Heilongjiang provincial Sanjiang Nature Reserve Authority. "Protected area staff Fengcanlousu, Tacha wetlands, to determine ownership, and draw a line there. The final along Heilongjiang, Wusuli River has been built with a total area of 198,100 hectares of wetland protection areas, Among the core area of more than 66,000 hectares, 30,000 hectares near the buffer zone, experimental More than 104,000 hectares.







  In April 2000, the Sanjiang Nature Reserve was approved by the State Council promoted to the rank of National Nature Reserve, set up a research office complex, the purchase of a large number of scientific research Forest fire prevention facilities and equipment. In January of this year, protected areas and wetlands by the International Board approved the "List of Wetlands of International Importance," in the world to join the ranks of protected areas, in order to attract more international assistance to create a good condition. At present, protected areas, China has accepted international wetland (GEF) project funded by automated office equipment, cameras Satellite positioning system, such as boat Xunhu sets of 18 to further strengthen the protection zone.







  After nearly 10 years of protection, the chaos in the region to contain the basic open Lanken, deforestation, indiscriminate over-fishing Illegal acts, the wetlands have been obvious to restore and preserve biological diversity more apparent. Lotus has not seen for many years the wetlands in the lake in bloom, wild animals under special state protection oriental white stork and red-crowned cranes and so on is increasing year by year, especially this year, also found that the rare bird not seen for many years and China merganser. Now, in the Sanjiang Wetland Reserve, wild ducks, mandarin duck play in the water in groups; red-crowned crane, golden eagle, such as fighting the sky; Red Deer, Paozi food around on the grass; large areas of wetlands in the lobular Zhang grass in the sand in the wind Sound, as wetlands added vigor and vitality. One was to participate in the development of the Sanjiang Plain of the elderly, from the wetlands in the deep feeling sigh: the Great Northern Wilderness of the original style is back.

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