Saturday, December 20, 2008

According to Lan Balan River rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Balan River at Harbin in the eastern city of Yilan County, the river's water quality is very Qinglie, is recognized as one of the few inland rivers unpolluted river one.

Balan released in the river raft drifting can enjoy the magical experience of nature, to forget the city's noisy and impetuous, and enjoy leisurely Happy. Known as "the first drift of the North China" reputation of Balaam river rafting at the south of Xiaoxing'anling, Dan River area in the hinterland, from mountain spring water from the pool, the Trans-Korean Ying-lan throughout rural, in Yilan Lan Ying Rural music to 2 kilometers into the Songhua River.

Balan rivers in the region, sparsely populated Protection of the good vegetation, river bottom clear, sweet water Qinglie, during the hot summer, the river water temperature only 14 degrees. Hucho-rich river and Hebang Balan.

Its coastal mountains and surrounded by thick jungle, by skin raft drifting boat from top to bottom, you can fully experience the magic of nature, deep , Rough and beautiful.

Balan River has been developed 15 km section of the drift. Baran section of the river drift, there were 9 Rapids, Bay 18, 18 dangerous shoals. Hill walking around the water, mountain water around the turn. There Jijiang marker, Taoist, and other cultural relics which mixed. District head drift Tourism-related facilities are still relatively backward, can be built on star-level hotels, shopping centers and tourist goods such as roads leading to the area.

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