Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wofo Ski Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wofo Ski Resort is located in about six years ago, Qibaiwannian the former site of the ancient crater zone group from the provincial capital Harbin travel to ski only about two hours, with a total area of 128 hectares. Gaoshanjunling Linhaixueyuan constitute the vast and unique here in the north of the scenery.

Jiamusi Buddhism is the size of the Ski Resort of Heilongjiang Province in the eastern part of a larger resort, rapid communications, supporting the overall service facilities, self-contained resort, is a set of ski tourism, summer tourism, leisure holiday as one of the Four Seasons resort.

  Wofo Ski Resort, the resort at present there are at the beginning, in Gaucher Road 4, according to a loaded double lifts and cable car ropeway stretching rod-traction. Parking (200? O), a multi-service F (2300? O), a machine-made snow, 3 motorized snow, snow flying saucer, Pali snow, snow snow, and other circles, with coffee , Restaurants, bars, music And so on. Leisure is one of the Four Seasons Resort for a tourist destination.

  Wofo Ski Resort is rich in natural resources and natural landscapes, rock and mineral-rich gold and magnesium-rich serpentine rock and mineral olivine, Manshanbianye mountain vegetables and Chinese herbs, mineral-rich volcanic mineral spring; There By volcanic rocks However, the formation of the cave, "King Kong Temple", a legendary deep, "Diamond Array", Rabbit Hill, scorpion Hill, Foshan and lying Kameyama, such as the size of the unique natural landscape, and Song Jia Miao, and so have the human landscape.

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