Thursday, January 22, 2009

Xuan Zang's Hometown - Chinese tourism scenic spots

40 km southeast of Luoyang 207 State Road on the north side, Gou Yanshi city's north-eastern town of Phoenix foot of the mountain, there is a Phoenix Valley, Valley of the East Village Chen is a famous monk in the Tang Dynasty, translator, traveler Xuanzang native place. Xuan Zang's 31-year-old was alone, going through a lot of hard work has finally reached the birthplace of Buddhism in India, and To study hard and become Mingseng, is renowned in India. Xuan Zang died, was buried there, said Gou's Office, 3.5 km southeast of the town of White Deer. Here, 9-year-old Xuan Zang from time to time with his family to listen to as Lingyan Si, was closed for the Su Jia disciples. In memory of Xuan Zang, Ling Yansi called "Tang Temple", in the northwest wall of the Temple For the tomb of Tang. Wu passing Monastery, it was thanks to Jin Xiu Temple, just a few manor.

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