Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lingtai site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lingtai sites in the Old City in the southern suburbs of Luoyang in the Han, Wei, the first year of Middle Eastern Han Dynasty (56 AD) had built an astronomical observatory - Ling-tai, is the only remaining sites.
Lingtai site, covering an area of 44,000 square meters. The central square is a high-profile compactor, the sites of about 41 meters north-south east-west width of 31 m About 8 meters high. Rammed earth around Taiwan have their own two-story platform up and down. The lower platform has built winding corridors, the middle of a ramp on the north-two-story platform. The upper platform of the Quartet, each of the original five buildings, each 5.5 meters Miankuo. Left over from the west wall of the building painted in white powder, to the east of the Green powder coating; tile the floor of the building to the south There are traces of red color dye. According to this position Shifen way to worship with the four-Ling (East Dragon, White Tiger of the West, South Suzaku, North basaltic) relating to customs.
Ling-tai was the largest of the Hong Kong Observatory, Tai Shi is the order of the subsidiaries. Eastern Han Dynasty of the great scientist Zhang Heng, who served the second Tai Shi order to participate in person Who led the Sky Lingtai astronomical observation and research.
Lingtai for the use of up to 250 years for the development of astronomy in ancient China made great contribution to.

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