Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mangshanwantiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mangshan Mountain, stretching east three or four years, as thousands of years as a long queue of recline in the north of the city of Luoyang, which rise amid ups and downs, beautiful scenery, north of Luoyang is a natural barrier. Mangshan Hill Top Yun-Feng Cui, verdant forests since ancient times, green clouds. It Mangshan Ling Hu Ju, South Wang Yi Que, a natural-sheng, famous dynasties have come to visit Legend has it that Lao Zi in the Alchemy, Taoist Mountain was built on clean government dedicated to Lao Zi. Tang and Song period, during the Chung Yeung Festival, Mangshan on the Hill who come to visit. In the evening, the vast sky, Huadengchushang, Piaomiao Yunyan. People standing on top Yuan Wang, the group could see the surrounding mountains and downs, beautiful, majestic city walls, palaces Li, Dunjue relaxed and happy. As a result, "Hill Mangshan night Vision" as the "Eight Luoyang". Gongqing imperial dynasties have Mangshan Shan Feng Shui as a treasure, in the death of Mangshan Hill and the choice of burial. Both the nation's Southern-Hou Zhu Chen, Southern Tang Li Hou Zhu, or ambitious Sima Zhao, Sima Yan, Shi-ma, or calendar If the Qin Dynasty Lvbu Wei Ming Chen, Dou Jiande the Sui Dynasty, 100 years after the share of land is but a Mangshan Mountain Loess take up in both hands.

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