Thursday, January 22, 2009

Um Lvzu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu, also known as Um Lvzu Temple in Luoyang City, NATO's Mangshan 2.5 kilometers in the mountains. Legend has it that Lu had been one of the Eight Immortals, "Crane open in Britain Mangshan Mountain," people here Xiumiao statue of Ji Jin Lvzu Um. The existing building to the left of the Qing Dynasty. Gaianzuoxi east, the mountains and Water. Om Hospital slim, sleek, towering old trees, beautiful scenery Tour is always summer resort. Xie Shan-existing Mountain Gate, Juan Peng, the main hall (as was originally planned for Lvzu), the Second Temple, and the side hall in a palace wing, such as construction, and a pair of stone lions, ancient stele pass more than 10.

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