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Folk Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luoyang is a folk museum to promote Taiwanese culture, folk customs show the main theme of the museum, the museum in the ancient buildings Lu Ze Hall on the basis of the formation into. Ze Lu Hall, as a result of Si Temple, also known as Guan Yu, for the nine-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1744) built, the Department of Shanxi Lu'an Prefecture (Changzhi today), Ze Zhou (This Jincheng) by two businessmen to raise funds to build, mainly for fellow businessmen to transmit information and material distribution, is a product of the culture of Shanxi.

  Ancient buildings of the entire structured, well-structured, covers an area of 15,750 square meters, is the preservation of integrity of the Central Plains region, the size of the grand old buildings, in French to create the design and construction of the first half of the Qing Dynasty in Henan local building technology of Dacheng, is the central plains region where the Qing Dynasty outstanding example of ancient architecture, its art deco architecture is elegant, wood carving, stone carving and works very fine, the Central Plains region can be carved in the treasure house of art A bouquet of dazzling wonderful! The existing dance floor, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, Housing, Langfang, in the main hall, Houdian, side hall in a palace, and so on, are a group of well-structured style of ancient buildings. Built in 1981 for the western Henan Museum, in 1987 changed to Luoyang Museum, opening to the outside world the following year. At present, the old buildings as the focus of the project are to declare national key cultural unit. A Strong local characteristics of the Luo folk culture is not only the fine traditional culture an integral part of, and the main tourism resources, Luoyang Museum is the display of folk customs of the main themes of the museum, in addition to the Museum of embroidery Office, Customs Office, Shou Hall customs, arts and crafts room, board, such as the Office of the basic display, there are skin Performances, performing customs, folk costumes performing activities such as demonstrations, and the display of these activities, not only with strong local characteristics, the Central Plains, all filled with a strong flavor of the times. Especially here in the annual success of the folk culture of Luoyang temple to promote Taiwanese culture, folk customs show that the masses rich text Life plays an important role, favored by Chinese and foreign tourists.

  Luoyang Museum of the Chinese Museum of the topic. Luoyang, located at the southern end of New Street. Lu was Ze Hall, as a result of Si Temple, also known as Guan Yu, for the nine-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1744) built. The existing dance floor, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, the room wearing, Langfang In the main hall, Houdian, side hall in a palace, and so on, are a group of well-structured style of ancient buildings. Built in 1981 for the western Henan Museum, in 1987 changed to Luoyang Museum, opening to the outside world the following year.

  The library has a collection of 1897. Commodities level 4, in which the Ming Dynasty Buddha III, metal folder paste , 3.5 meters high, sleek, sophisticated technology; Wooden Pagoda in the Qing Dynasty, gold Phoebe, 6 meters high, eight three-Zhong Yan. 304 statues, a high artistic value. Embroidery Office of the main display of the End of Qing Dynasty shoulder-yun, Phi Xia, Luo Qun, Xiang Dai, purses, clothing, gifts, and other kinds of embroidery; Office of folk art Includes wood, Bamboo, feathers, mosaic, shadow, Miansu, paper cutting, such as the New Year, which plays traditional story wood up the number of 120, reached 213 the number of shadow; letter to the Office of custom-display recovery, the central exhibit large-scale Shrines, for the Buddhist treasures III, the former Phoebe gold for the side of the tower and another device for the Qing Dynasty ; Customs Office for the late Qing Dynasty Luoyang middle-class families to recover customs scene on display, sub-band suona, Bai Tang, the three parts of the bridal chamber, the colorful figure of 23; Ting Shou-ping are popular Office, He account, Shouli, custom furniture, such as life, life for the screen Qianlong Years to produce high 3.34 meters, 7 meters wide.

  Rubbing from a stone inscription collection exhibition More than 200 pieces of goods, the Chinese have "yet with Ganling Fu Jun monument," Han "stone monument tickets," Western Jin Dynasty, "Epitaph Xunyue" Western Jin Dynasty, "Pi Yong Monument", the Northern Qi Dynasty, "Portrait Monument", "Zhou Gongci monument" "Xu Hao monument," Xu Hao book, "Epitaph Zhang", "Prince Shengxian Monument", "Temple Shengjiao order to move the monument", "Shing Temple monument" Su Che book, "Epitaph Wanggong Chen," Zhao Meng "Ikawa College Monument", and "Ru-Tie", "Lang Hua Tie Museum." Among them, "Shing Temple monument would be" 9.2 meters high, 2.19 meters wide.

  Luoyang Museum is divided into four exhibition halls, namely the Office of folk art, the Customs Office, the Office of folk life. Civil Art room, different shapes, different colors of the shoulder-yun, Xiapei, purse, bag fan, Xiuyi, pictures, paper-cutting, shadow play, the fire agency, Tang, Miansu, such as wood carving art variety, sophisticated technology. From the shiny silver dress Feng Guan, head of the unique style cap, embroidered work to pay attention to the three-inch Xiu Xie, Hu Shi gaze intently Head of the shoes, from top to bottom, from the inside out from the main clothing to accessories, Yong from the splendor of your supplies to the civil court has thrown Cungu wind shelter to avoid the soil-Face, there is not anything, it is an eye - Open. These not only beautify the embroidery of people's lives, and expressed the good wishes of the people, such as pomegranate and more common and more sub-fu, Lin Yu show year after year, and other than by means of complex patterns can be found everywhere in these works of art. In addition, people dancing to bat in the embroidered clothes, Fodor hopes the wish of heaven; big burly image of the elephant and embroidered with flowers, reflecting the spring and the King that peace and stability and peaceful scene.

West of custom paper cutting is very popular in Luoyang Museum brings together many of the finest creations hand. Of these figures, animals, plants, flowers. Some simple, some complex and changeable, and some delicate delicate, and some rough Bold. Black, yellow, white, red paper-cut works, the exhibition The corner of the beautiful decorated generous.

Lingbao western Henan is the shadow of the famous town, the locals love my shadow, shadow love, to become a regular program of civil entertainment. Luoyang Museum of folk art forms that will be moved into the library, not only inside the glass display with a large number of Lvpi, sheep's clothing As the shadow props, arts and crafts are also set up the Office of the corner of the window of a light Luxurious. Visitors are here to watch the shadow works at the same time, you can see the museum staff in the field of shadow show. If you are interested, you can personally pick up their props in the window light on the performance of their programs. These sound physical Robinson's live show, an increase of tourists to a lot of fun.

Customs Office of the Qing Dynasty are on display for people to marry and the bridal chamber scene of the display. Eclisse of the bride, the groom's simple and honest and the best man smiling, urchin, to reproduce a huge grand Baitang scene. With antique bridal chamber, was satin mandarin duck, gill Hong dazzling pillow, and a variety of musical instruments hand side of the non-musicians, the kind of happy scenes and re-married now in front of the visitors.

Shou Hall is a popular recovery after the life of the Church. Shou-off, the screen life, longevity, peach, quaint decoration, with a solemn silence. Shou Mei old high longevity, Welcome media. Ceremony were courtesy, kowtow blessing. Many relatives and friends gathered a group is willing to Shoubinanshan the elderly, such as the East China Sea Fook Sau Tong overflow atmosphere.

Letter Office of vulgar display of folk beliefs of the 60 major gods in order to reel in the form of visitors to the gods of the appearance and function. A 10-meter high, three of the eight Phoebe gold pagoda ", 304 shrines dedicated to the Buddha 304.'s Major Buddhist Taoist immortal in the main hall with its own position, so that the people of the Central Plains folk beliefs have a comprehensive understanding of the system.

Luoyang Museum not only reproduce the kind used in western Henan's customs, but also To do a variety of folk activities, in order to enrich the contents of the museum to attract visitors of the Quartet.

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