Thursday, January 22, 2009

High-Long Zhong Yuemiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanshi County in the high-long and a half kilometers east of the village, Dengfeng and Zhongyue Miao and the corresponding known as the "Zhong Yuemiao", the name of the village because of the so-called "high-long temple." Cimiao very well preserved, Juan Peng, glazed tile on the hall light as a new, as it does not harm the brick wall. There are three broad hall for Danyanxieshan-, four-fei Are brackets, interior beams and columns are also used brackets, and are painted, it is gorgeous. Dianding ridge Leiqi exquisite carving patterns, Yuelong Men fish, dragons Tengyun, good fortune (as) Plan and so on. 1.40 ridge closure of the original Han, Pang Juan, the son of all, Luo statue, the "Cultural Revolution" when they were destroyed. There are two main hall before 3 Qingwa room palace, with fine angle on both sides of the hall room. Palace hall after a few years, also built by the Qing Wa blue.

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